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Social Sciences Education



The Postgraduate Diploma in Adult Education and Vocational Education Programme is for participants with or without background in education. 
The Doctor of Education (Lifelong Education) (EdD) degree programme in collaboration with the University of Nottingham provides doctoral graduates to the tertiary education and training sectors.


The Diploma in Special Education programme is for teachers and other participants. It consists of five modules: Dyslexia; ADD and ADHD; Gifted education; ASD; and Hearing impairment.


Early childhood education courses focus on Montessori and Waldorf suitable for teachers and parents. English teaching courses provide training for English teachers and those interested in teaching English. Other courses include research methodology etc.

Continuing Education Fund

Programmes Type
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This programme aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to become effective programme planners, and trainers in adult and vocational education institutions, teachers of post-secondary education colleges, As well as human development personnel in corporations and businesses.

This programme is suitable for Trainers in commerce, industry and public sectors; Teachers in vocational, technical, professional, community and adult education; Personnel involved in programme management, administration and human resources development. The course is open to applicants without prior teaching or training experience.
Start 10 SEP 2022 (SAT)
Duration 14 months
Fee HK$43,000
The main objective of the Education Bureau's special education policy is to encourage children with special educational needs to receive education in ordinary schools as far as possible。In particular, the school provides support and training for teachers, school administrators, parents and other stakeholders (school social workers, teaching assistants)。
Opening date 10 February 2022 (Thursday)
Length of period One to three years
Course fee Registration fee $400
Special education (dyslexia) $6250
Recognize and support attentional and hyperactive students $4100
Recognize and support gifted students $4100
$4100 to recognize and support students with autism spectrum disorders
Hearing health and support for hearing impaired children $3950
For those who have a certain level of Putonghua, have engaged in putonghua teaching or are preparing to engage in putonghua teaching。 形成正確的普通話教學理念;瞭解語言學及教育學基礎知識;掌握普通話常用的教學方法和步驟;能獨立管控和有效實施普通話的課堂教學。
Opening date 30 March 2022 (Wednesday)
Length of period 5個月
Course fee HK$11,900
This Advanced Diploma in Applied Social Sciences (Psychology) is designed for those who are interested in personal, academic, and/or career development in the field of psychology. The key areas to be introduced include: abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, organizational behavior, personality psychology and social psychology.
Start 12 APR 2022 (TUE)
Duration 2 years to 5 years
Fee HK$51,500
The course aims to enhance participants' comprehensive skills of tour guide, including tour guide knowledge, tour guide attitude and tour guide skills。Students will gain a better understanding through learning, data processing and knowledge integration at various guided sitesHong Kong's history and culture, heritage conservation, geological ecology, intangible heritage and art, and museum guided Tours。Field trips, guided Tours and internship exchanges are arranged to help trainees become competent docent。  
Opening date 19 April 2022 (Tuesday)
Length of period 6個月
Course fee HK$9,970
This course is an advanced course for the Docent Training Certificate。The objectives of the course are to consolidate and enhance participants' knowledge, attitude and skills in conducting Tours. It is also necessary to plan a route to better understand the diverse nature of Hong Kong's guided Tours. It is also necessary to systematically teach the knowledge and skills of conducting Tours。Guided Tours, visits and internships are arranged to help trainees become competent docent tutors。
Opening date 21 April 2022 (Thursday)
Length of period 6個月
Course fee HK$9,970

Montessori education is praised as the world's "best educational idea" and "first-class early childhood education" in the Revolution of Learning.。She values the preparation of the teaching environment and the teaching workersGood mental attitude, and design meaningful learning courses。

The curriculum is designed to meet the needs of children and includes comprehensive education in daily life, sensory, language, mathematics and natural arts. It helps to develop positive character, concentration, intelligence and spontaneous learning, as well as love of nature。

Opening date Thursday, December 2, 2021
Length of period Four weeks
Course fee HK$1680

The series of docent training courses includes guided Tours on Chinese and Western architecture, history and culture, ecological heritage education and museum education in Hong Kong. The aim is to enable participants to have a better understanding of Hong Kong's history, culture and heritage education and to passField trip/practice classTo enable trainees to become competent docent and further engage in educational docent related activities。

This course is "History, Culture and Heritage Education Guided Course"(Western-style buildingsThe extension of)To enable participants to better understand the diverse styles of Western architecture and church symbols in Hong Kong, and to conduct field trips。

Opening date 7 December 2021 (Tuesday)
Length of period 10小時
Course fee HK$980
The course aims to enhance the students' eloquence, presentation skills, public speaking ability, plus the appropriate social etiquette, so that the internal and external communication advantage, so that you leave a good impression on others。The course will enable students to master the etiquette skills, communication skills, social etiquette, event programming, table manners and docent etiquette, which will help students enhance their inner and external expression and help you to become an outstanding host, docent and etiquette trainer。Suitable for teachers, social workers, tour leaders, tour guides and those who want to improve their public speaking skills。
Opening date 11 December 2021 (Saturday)
Length of period 2 days workshop - 15 hours in total
Course fee HK$2100
The docent training courses include guided Tours of Chinese and Western architecture, history and culture, ecological heritage education and museum education in Hong Kong. The aim is to enable participants to have a better understanding of the history, culture and heritage education in Hong Kong. Through field trips/practice sessions, participants will be able to become competent docent guides and embark on educational activities related to guided Tours。

This course is an Educational Guided course on History, Culture and Monuments (Tuen Mun district). It aims to enable participants to explore the relationship between early archaeological excavations in Tuen Mun and Hong Kong history, and to gain a better understanding of tuen Mun's historical changes, unique religious culture, and Chinese and Western architecture。There are multiple learning modes such as face-to-face teaching, field trips and practice。
Opening date 28 December 2021 (Tuesday)
Length of period Three weeks, nine hours
Course fee HK$790